Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm back to blogging!!!

Hey Gorgeous!!!

     Yep and yay! I'm really excited to be back to blogging, finally! I'm really, really sorry for being MIA, it's been quite long, indeed. I have been a little busy because I finally started my own YouTube channel. I wanted to focus and give time for it first, so I've kinda paused on blogging since then. Plus, unfortunately, my old laptop gave up on me already so I had nothing to use for quite a while. I had to borrow my hubby's only for editing videos which I only get to use late at night. But, thank God, all's well now, I got a new one so I'm very happy to do this again. My first love, writing.
     Here in my blog, I'll also definitely be including my YouTube videos, expect more beauty/makeup reviews, haul posts, and what not. Starting now, I'll be blogging regularly so, I hope you guys still stick with me, and thank you very much!

Oh, please don't forget to visit my channel. I feature makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, beauty favorites, beauty hauls, and a lot more! Please click this link and don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for the love! :)

See you in my next one!


**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Hey Gorgeous!

The first time I started using makeup, I really had no idea at that time why sometimes my makeup or foundation doesn't last very long. I just thought that maybe it's just how it is, maybe I don't apply it the right way or I'm just using a not so good quality brand.
Have you ever experienced this, too? That by the middle of the day, it's all gone just like that; and the fact that we live in a very humid tropical country (Philippines); plus having an oily/combination skin type, surely I'm no exception to that.

Primer is an additional step to a beauty regime to help makeup adhere on to your skin a lot better and last longer. It helps prevent from creasing most especially for those who have oily skin types like me. It is used as a preparatory coat to instantly smoothen out wrinkles, settles into fine lines, and fill in visible pores as well. 
It is very essential to use primers so touchups won't be much necessary anymore.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is one my favorites! I use it as my primer/makeup base. I love how this product glides very smoothly on the skin and leaves a very flawless canvas for foundation/bb cream application.
The promise of this product diminishes age spots on your face instantly! It is a very pale pink color but appears translucent when applied, no color could alter your foundation. It blends perfectly on to the skin.
It comes in a very sturdy glass jar and contains 15ml of product. Although, I'm not really a fan of glass jars, mainly because I find them very unsanitary. 
I usually just use my ring finger to get product from the jar, but I hate it when it gets under my nail, I happen to waste too much.
Yes, it came with a tiny spatula, but unfortunately, I've lost it!

I have a very sensitive skin, but luckily, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch  does not break me out at all. Overall, I love how it works on my skin especially under the eyes, the sides of my nose, and sides of my mouth, plus a little of this product literally goes a long way, it's worth it!

Hope you can tell the difference between the two. ;)

Price: Php1,390 or $34

This was a gift from my sweet momma. :)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just another Mani Monday: Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color in Candylicious/Rose Bonbon

Hey Gorgeous!

Yet again, I found a new brand of nail polish and it's the Megalast line from Wet n Wild. I have one in Candylicious/Rose Bonbon. When I saw this for sale on my favorite online shop Suzanne's Emporium, I quickly reserved it for me because I instantly fell in love with its pretty pink color.

And indeed, Candylicious/Rose Bonbon is a very girly, attractive, pretty pink nail color. It looks like a bubblegum, Barbie pink when applied over the nails. It is very vibrant but not overpowering which can really make your nails look flirty and gorgeous. What I love the most about it!

The brush applicator has a rounded tip, quite easy to use. It applies smoothly and just about one to two swipes are good to go, easy to work with, just make sure to apply it evenly. I'm also truly amazed by this because it lasts on your nails up to 5-6 days without chipping off, at least on me.

But then again, there are still cons I must say about it.
It has a very thick consistency which tends to dry up quite fast. So I don't recommend applying it in front of a fan or whatever there is to make it dry, otherwise, it will be very hard to use and it will end up very sticky and chunky and can form bumps. One more thing I noticed, on the 5th or 6th day of the color on my nails, it started to get a bit dark, like literally it gets this black streaks that makes it look dirty. Probably, you just shouldn't wear it that long.

But, I still like it. Mainly because I'm attracted with the color. I love the modern touch of pink that it gives. It is so perfect for summer!

Two coats plus I added glitter nail polish on my ring finger to add just a little bit effect

Megalast Nail Colors are available at all Wet n Wild mall counters for Php199.00 (13.5ml) and Php149.00 (9ml).
But I got mine at Suzanne's Emporium for only Php65.00! and yes, it is authentic. :)

The Megalast line from WnW offers a lot of their cutest colors. I'm thinking to get I Need A Refresh-Mint and Through The Grapevine next.

**credits to Letthemhavepolish, the owner of the pictures below

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Friday, February 8, 2013

4U2 Cosmetics Face Value BB Cream with SPF 25

Hey Gorgeous!

With all the hype that's been going on the beauty world today about the famed BB Creams, it got me so intrigued and thought I try one myself. Besides, I've been using liquid foundations for almost forever, so why not try something different and see what the fuss is all about. As many say, BB Creams are very soft and has light weight texture, so it's not heavy when applied on the face compared to liquid foundations. Its formula is more like a glorified tinted moisturizer, perfect for everyday use; it is one of the things I initially liked about it.
BB Cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, or beauty balm. According to some research, it was originally formulated by a dermatologist in Germany way back 1960s to help patients mask and protect their skin after facial surgery. Then it was introduced to Korea and Japan in 1985.

BB Creams was made popular by Koreans and was sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia. It is said to be the 'beauty secret of Korean actresses' who are known for their beautiful and flawless skin. Now, it also finally made its way to the US, and ever since, this beauty product has been everywhere.

Product review:
I ran into a local market near my place to get one for myself and finally got the 4U2 Cosmetics Face Value BB Cream with SPF 25.

Among all the BB Creams available at the beauty section, I chose this because it is a new product from 4U2 Cosmetics, it contains SPF 25, and it was highly raved by my fave Filipina makeup guru. I must say, indeed, it was definitely worth a try. For my first BB Cream, this did not disappoint me at all!

It has a very smooth texture and the consistency is a bit watery which I find not a problem for me because it blends well easily. Only a small amount of product is good enough because it is very buildable. I like to use my fingers when applying this and then buff it onto my skin using a flat top face brush. It gives a natural, airbrushed finish that looks amazing!
It applies light-medium coverage, blurs minor imperfections/blemishes, plus I love the fact that it is a perfect shade for me. I do think this suits all Asian skin tones.
It has no pungent smell at all. It leaves a moisturized feel; just one thing in my case, I do have oily/combination skin so I still need to set it with a good setting powder to last all throughout the day.

What I love the most about this product is that it can act as an all-in-one moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It is very convenient to have all that in one. 
The tube contains 20g of product and is priced at Php294.00.


*blended well on the right area of the hand

Here are pictures of me wearing 4U2 Cosmetics Face Value BB Cream with a good setting powder:

I have tried other BB Creams, but so far, this is still my favorite, it's certainly living up to my expectations.
I would definitely repurchase this over and over again.

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Friday, February 1, 2013

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Sta. Lucia

Hey Gorgeous!

It's the first day of the love month-February. I've been a little busy for a while, but I'm back and as promised, I'll be doing an overview of another blush and bronzer duo. You can read my previous post from the other duo here. But this time, let's hear it from ELF - the contouring blush and bronzing powder in Sta. Lucia. I've been hearing a lot of raves from makeup artists to all over the women who found this baby a must have, and I must say, it really does work pretty good! Elf is one of the brands I usually get my hands on. Reasons because they're inexpensive but surely their products are of good quality.
So, after having been using this duo for a while now, I decided to make my own in depth review for it:

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder - my initial thought was it looks really a lot like the Nars duo by the look of the packaging. Same size, same sleek black compact, has a full mirror, and I think they have the same quantity as well. But like I said on my previous post, it sells for Php1,600 or $40usd, and this Elf duo retails for roughly Php250 or $6.25usd, to be exact. But then, of course, quality-wise, I couldn't really compare it to Nars, because we all know how amazing that brand is. So in my opinion, I'd say this product can just be a good alternative if you're just starting out with makeup, or you're just looking for something simple and affordable. The convenience of them being together in one compact is definitely a plus for me.

The Contouring Blush:
I love it! It is a peachy pink color with a little bit of orange undertone to it which flatters my fair-medium skin tone. It is very subtle. It has soft gold shimmer which I think is pretty too, because it highlights my cheeks. It's not overpowering, just the right amount to add a nice flushed, natural glow.

The Bronzing Powder:
It is a medium-dark orangey brown color. It has a tad amount of shimmer which that part I must say I don't like. I still prefer a matte one for contouring. This particular bronzer you have to apply with just little product on the brush with a very light hand otherwise it'll end up too dark and a bit muddy-looking on your face. So for this one, a little goes a long a way, and never forget to blend, blend, blend to avoid harsh lines to achieve a beautiful and attractive definition.


I recommend this to people with fair-medium complexion with yellow undertones like me. Overall, I love this product! It is my to-go blush and bronzer, one of the things I have in my vanity kit that I usually bring when I go out.
Actually, it took me a while before I decided to get this, but after having it and been using it almost everyday, I'm glad I did.

You can buy this at any ELF counters for Php249.75.

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Milani Sunset Duos in #01 Sunset City

Hey Gorgeous!

Talk about convenience? Milani Sunset City is a fresh, cheeky blush and healthy-glow bronzer in one, I really love the idea of having two products in one pan. Very convenient and handy. I got this one from Suzanne's Emporium. Ms. Suzanne, the seller had an online auction and I won this product for only Php130.00. I was really happy I got this because I've learned that it can be a great dupe or alternative for the famous blush and bronzer duo, the Nars Orgasm and Laguna Bronzer which is priced at Php1,600 or $40USD, the last time I checked. Big difference, huh? The blush from this compact is just a little peachy pink in color while Nars Orgasm is in the pink side, but nevertheless, they're not far from being similar.

I love how this compliments my skin tone. As I've said, the blush is a peachy pink color and has the right amount of soft gold shimmer in it, very fine that will make you look naturally blushing and glowing. The bronzer which takes the most product in the pan, is just enough matte, just slightly shimmery, a medium color, not too light and not too dark. It gives and leaves you a gorgeous sunkissed glow. This duo is just perfect for me and so far loving it!

This is how I use the bronzer as a contour for the face; and this will only take you a minute or less to do.
Find first the hollows of the cheeks by making the fish face, this will allow you to see where you'll be applying it. Apply the bronzer in a line along the hollow with a light stroke and make sure to blend it well to avoid harsh lines. I use an angled face brush to do so.
Next, you also want to apply it on the hairline close to the temples, along the jawline and under the chin. By doing so and applying it correctly, it will add definition and make your face look slimmer naturally. I also use this for contouring my nose. I find the shade of this bronzer perfect for it.

For the blush, I apply it on the apples of my cheeks, just right above the contoured area (hollows), with a sweeping motion upwards. I love to use my favorite highlighter on the top of my cheekbones to complete the look.

My first blush and bronzer duo. The pan contains 11.7g of products which can last a long time. Has good pigmentation, great color payoff but I find it not long lasting. I'd say, it will only stay up to approximately 4-5 hours maximum but it still depends on your skin. In my case, I have oily/combination skin, so I just bring it along with me for touch ups or whenever needed. I think it's the only downside of it, but overall, it is still a fabulous find!

Stay tuned for another blush and bronzer duo product review, next! ;-)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Friday, January 18, 2013

China Glaze in United

Hey Gorgeous!

Well, aside from cosmetics, there is one more thing I'm really fond of and very addicted to. It is basically doing my nails. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to it. I always want them clean, polished and pretty. I usually do wear nail polish, I like it that way, but the ones I use sometimes doesn't last very long. They tend to chip off right away, probably because they're inexpensive and not of good quality. But thanks to my cousin, Eirene, for introducing me to China Glaze.
Actually, I've already heard and read lots of good reviews about it, but I don't know why I haven't taken the time to try it out myself. I even disregard their mall counters when I go past them. One reason for me maybe because it's very pricey for a nail polish.
When my cousin posted a picture of her wearing one of the shades from this brand, I instantly fell in love with the color. It was United. I was so intrigued and I thought, yeah, why don't I give it a try this time.

 And tadaaa! No regrets at all! ;-)
two coats of China Glaze in United

This was taken under natural lighting, but I swear by this color, it looks so much better and prettier in person. The photo just can't do it justice.

China Glaze United is from the United In Purpose Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness 2012.
This particular shade is a very lovely rosy mauve-ish color with lots of holographic glitters mixed in which makes it look so beautiful.

This professional-level nail enamel is made with a special balance of polymers and resins that combine to create a nail lacquer that is long lasting, chip-resistant and resistant to color and shine fading. Will not thicken in the bottle, no thinners necessary. It contains 15ml of product and retails for Php350.00.

Probably won't use any other brand anymore, I'm completely amazed by this baby! You really get what you pay for! ;-)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tony Moly Crystal Light Highlighter in Pink Beam

Hey Gorgeous!

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, but I want to make sure I'd be able to write a good one about my current super favorite in my collection. It's the Tony Moly Crystal Light in Pink Beam. :) It's a makeup highlighter that is used for the brow bone, nose bridge, cupid's bow, and on the cheekbone area.

I must say, facial highlighters didn't really matter to me and it's something I've never used before. But lately, I've really really wanted one! When I was on a lookout for a good one, this Pink Beam was not originally what I was looking for. I had a particular one in mind that I want. I've been all over different branches already just for it, but unfortunately, it's out of stock everywhere so I decided to get from a different brand instead. When I read about Tony Moly on the internet which also carries good quality products, I directly searched for their highlighters, and this Crystal Light got me interested and I discovered that it is even better than the one I was originally looking for. They have them in two shades. Pink Beam and Gold Beam. I chose Pink Beam since it's the most suitable shade for my skin tone. So I called the nearest store branch right ahead and asked if they have it on stock, and finally, lucky me, it was the last piece available so I asked the salesperson if she could keep it and reserve it for me. :)
I now included it in my makeup regime. Now I'm a big fan of highlighters. I love how it brings life to the face, and gives the skin a bright, radiant appearance and leaves a very nice glow and a dewy finish. Something I can't leave the house without these days.

This particular shade is a pink color with a bit of shimmer in it. It becomes pearl white when blended onto the skin. It is in liquid form and has thick consistency. It's like silk to the touch, and applies as a liquid-to-powder finish. I really like the texture. Applying it on the face is a breeze because it comes with a spatula applicator.

I adore the pretty packaging. I like that it has a "Tony Moly" engraved on the lid and is made of color pink reflective metal, which is very decent enough to make it look very sophisticated and expensive. Plus it's handy, too, so you can bring it anywhere with you.

The bottle contains 10ml of product which can last a long time. With this, you don't really need much, so just a little goes a long way. Plus I really really LOVE the scent of this, it reminds me of my all-time favorite perfume, Tommy Girl. I usually smell it before applying it. haha! ;)


Blended onto the skin

Tony Moly Crystal Light in Pink Beam is a volume make up highlighter that provides gleaming shine to the skin especially on areas that are hit by the sun first. This highlighter provides a combination of lemon gold shine and luminous faint pink luster that makes the skin blooming and lively. It also contains honey to keep the areas moist and supple.

Available in all Tony Moly stores. I got this one at SM North branch for the price of Php448.00. They were having a promo at that time; when you purchase worth 500 of their products, you get a free international membership card.

So I got the Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask for Php98 to accumulate the 500 worth, plus they gave me a Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream for free!

A picture of me wearing the Pink Beam Highlighter on my cheekbones:

**So sorry for my sloppy shot

For my first makeup highlighter, this is not bad at all! I say, this is worth a try! I'm definitely going to repurchase this. :)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review and Swatches: Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipsticks

Hey Gorgeous!

How can such small things be so overwhelming...especially for us, my fellow makeup enthusiasts.
One little thing we cannot resist. Any look wouldn't be complete without it, as well as for some girls, one thing on their vanity they cannot leave without. :)

Today, I want to talk about the lips. One very powerful tool in our body. Every smile and laughter we give can look very pleasing and attractive; all the more if we want to put color to show off and flaunt that pouty lips. Best part is, we don't need all those expensive and high-end lippies to bring out that sexy smile!

Here are five shades of lip color from Wet 'n Wild. They are the Megalast Lipsticks, and I have them in 903C Just Peachy, 907C Mauve Outta Here, 906D Wine Room, 915B Spiked With Rum, and 916D Ravin' Raisin. I bought them from Suzanne's Emporium, my personal favorite online shop. All her products are US authentic at very affordable prices, plus she gives freebies for every transaction. Yes, great deal, huh? So, go ahead and check out her shop! :)

Anyway, back to my review:

Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipsticks
   "Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips."

L-R: Just Peachy, Mauve Outta Here, Wine Room, Spiked With Rum, Ravin' Raisin

#903C Just Peachy
  • a peachy/coral color which I really really love! It suits me very well which is why it is my most favorite among all five.
#907C Mauve Outta Here
  • a pretty pink color with purple undertone. On my lips, it's bright, but not overdone. It's basically a perfect pink shade for my skin tone.
#906D Wine Room
  • a bright reddish pink color which I also love, it fairly looks flattering on my skin tone.
#915B Spiked With Rum
  • a warm dark pink/brown color. My second favorite. Perfect and goes well with all makeup looks.
#916D Ravin' Raisin
  • a deep plum with mauve undertone. I find this color quite dark on me, it ends up washing me out. What I do is I wear it with Mauve Outta Here, it gives the best berry/mauve color combined.

**Sorry, no lip swatch for the Ravin' Raisin


Very pigmented
Good quality
Relatively long wearing (no eating/drinking)
Great color selection
No pungent smell
Does not feather
Very inexpensive


No color name on the packaging
Rounded shape tip is kinda awkward and hard to use (I prefer the classic shape)
Not easy to apply directly
Can get a little bit drying if not applied with lip balm underneath
Cover is made of plastic which gets easily broken
Product itself can be scraped off when not careful covering it back; it gets messy

I'm not normally a lipstick-wearing kinda girl... but will I repurchase Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipsticks? 
I say yes! I love these stuff! I just learned to look past all the cons... :-P

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Suesh Vanity LED Desktop Mirror

Hey Gorgeous!

I've read lots and lots of favorable feedback about this pretty little thing -the Suesh vanity LED desktop mirror, and which I've been badly wanting and dreaming of having one. I've been eyeing this over the internet for probably quite many times already. But, here's a little fact about me: When something costs more than Php500, that's a bit pricey for me already! Really! Lol! So knowing myself, and knowing the price of this mirror, just waved my dreams goodbye.
Or maybe not!
While my boyfriend and I were strolling around Trinoma mall one time, I got so overwhelmed when I saw a Suesh counter right ahead our direction, and in no time found myself running to find the mirror that I've been wanting to have! But then, I just took a personal look at it and still went home with no purchase. :(

**credits to the owner of this picture

But to my surprise, my ever sweet boyfriend got me THIS for Christmas! Woohoo! I was like, OMG! :D He knows how much I really want this, and really knows how to make me smile. So, yay! I finally got my hands on this charming baby!

I super love it! Thank you, baby!


Super Bright Acrylic LED
Diameter: 115mm
Height: 390mm
Switch: Press on/off switch with 10minute-automatic OFF function
Finishing: Acrylic and Chrome
  • with AC/DC adapter
  • free 3 pcs. AA alkaline battery

   Price: Php2,500


Very bright LED
Adjustable mirror head
Can be mounted on a glass or mirror because it comes with 3 suction cups
Battery operated or plug-in electrical outlet
Very luxurious and sleek-looking
A trusted brand 

It's a bit heavy
I wish it didn't come with a 10minute-automatic off function
A bit pricey for a mirror (here I go again! lol!)

Other than these, nothing else! I just love it!

-- Suesh Cosmetics was established in February 2006. It is a famous brand owned by three lovely sisters/beauty experts with their love and desire for makeup. They are very generous to come up with products that are created to fulfill every woman's desire to get a hold of their lovely beauty essentials such as their makeup, makeup accessories/tools, the famed makeup brushes, luxurious train cases, and vanity mirrors at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality.

**credits to the owners of the pictures

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!