Friday, January 18, 2013

China Glaze in United

Hey Gorgeous!

Well, aside from cosmetics, there is one more thing I'm really fond of and very addicted to. It is basically doing my nails. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to it. I always want them clean, polished and pretty. I usually do wear nail polish, I like it that way, but the ones I use sometimes doesn't last very long. They tend to chip off right away, probably because they're inexpensive and not of good quality. But thanks to my cousin, Eirene, for introducing me to China Glaze.
Actually, I've already heard and read lots of good reviews about it, but I don't know why I haven't taken the time to try it out myself. I even disregard their mall counters when I go past them. One reason for me maybe because it's very pricey for a nail polish.
When my cousin posted a picture of her wearing one of the shades from this brand, I instantly fell in love with the color. It was United. I was so intrigued and I thought, yeah, why don't I give it a try this time.

 And tadaaa! No regrets at all! ;-)
two coats of China Glaze in United

This was taken under natural lighting, but I swear by this color, it looks so much better and prettier in person. The photo just can't do it justice.

China Glaze United is from the United In Purpose Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness 2012.
This particular shade is a very lovely rosy mauve-ish color with lots of holographic glitters mixed in which makes it look so beautiful.

This professional-level nail enamel is made with a special balance of polymers and resins that combine to create a nail lacquer that is long lasting, chip-resistant and resistant to color and shine fading. Will not thicken in the bottle, no thinners necessary. It contains 15ml of product and retails for Php350.00.

Probably won't use any other brand anymore, I'm completely amazed by this baby! You really get what you pay for! ;-)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

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