Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tony Moly Crystal Light Highlighter in Pink Beam

Hey Gorgeous!

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, but I want to make sure I'd be able to write a good one about my current super favorite in my collection. It's the Tony Moly Crystal Light in Pink Beam. :) It's a makeup highlighter that is used for the brow bone, nose bridge, cupid's bow, and on the cheekbone area.

I must say, facial highlighters didn't really matter to me and it's something I've never used before. But lately, I've really really wanted one! When I was on a lookout for a good one, this Pink Beam was not originally what I was looking for. I had a particular one in mind that I want. I've been all over different branches already just for it, but unfortunately, it's out of stock everywhere so I decided to get from a different brand instead. When I read about Tony Moly on the internet which also carries good quality products, I directly searched for their highlighters, and this Crystal Light got me interested and I discovered that it is even better than the one I was originally looking for. They have them in two shades. Pink Beam and Gold Beam. I chose Pink Beam since it's the most suitable shade for my skin tone. So I called the nearest store branch right ahead and asked if they have it on stock, and finally, lucky me, it was the last piece available so I asked the salesperson if she could keep it and reserve it for me. :)
I now included it in my makeup regime. Now I'm a big fan of highlighters. I love how it brings life to the face, and gives the skin a bright, radiant appearance and leaves a very nice glow and a dewy finish. Something I can't leave the house without these days.

This particular shade is a pink color with a bit of shimmer in it. It becomes pearl white when blended onto the skin. It is in liquid form and has thick consistency. It's like silk to the touch, and applies as a liquid-to-powder finish. I really like the texture. Applying it on the face is a breeze because it comes with a spatula applicator.

I adore the pretty packaging. I like that it has a "Tony Moly" engraved on the lid and is made of color pink reflective metal, which is very decent enough to make it look very sophisticated and expensive. Plus it's handy, too, so you can bring it anywhere with you.

The bottle contains 10ml of product which can last a long time. With this, you don't really need much, so just a little goes a long way. Plus I really really LOVE the scent of this, it reminds me of my all-time favorite perfume, Tommy Girl. I usually smell it before applying it. haha! ;)


Blended onto the skin

Tony Moly Crystal Light in Pink Beam is a volume make up highlighter that provides gleaming shine to the skin especially on areas that are hit by the sun first. This highlighter provides a combination of lemon gold shine and luminous faint pink luster that makes the skin blooming and lively. It also contains honey to keep the areas moist and supple.

Available in all Tony Moly stores. I got this one at SM North branch for the price of Php448.00. They were having a promo at that time; when you purchase worth 500 of their products, you get a free international membership card.

So I got the Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask for Php98 to accumulate the 500 worth, plus they gave me a Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream for free!

A picture of me wearing the Pink Beam Highlighter on my cheekbones:

**So sorry for my sloppy shot

For my first makeup highlighter, this is not bad at all! I say, this is worth a try! I'm definitely going to repurchase this. :)

**Some things are just simply irresistible, so go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

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